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художници на икони

As soon as you change the rules of the game, the game changes,
The Fed committing to keeping current interest rates until 2013.
A timeline has been committed to with a specific course of action
This allows others, who manipulate, seek opportunity, take advantage, to enter a game they would have else not played

If you do not make a stand when they come for your neighbor, who will stand for you?

This is a double edged blade,
It is can be an arbitrary question/comment someone makes to get you to commit to their idea
It can be a strong argument that inspires action
Generally, it is both depending on which side of the argument you find yourself on

“If we don’t help those underwater with their mortgages, next time, it might be you who isn’t helped.”
“If we don’t go after the 1%, as a member of the 99%, they will come after you.”
“If we DO help those underwater with their mortgages, people will perceive a lack of risk and take risks since they may get helped if they lose but get to keep what is theirs if they win.”
“If we go after the 1%, next time, they will come after you.”

Does the game change if we bail out those with underwater mortgages?
Will writing off home mortgage interest become a thing of the past?
Or just capped at a certain level not indexed to inflation?
What is the LONG TERM cost for what some argue is a good SHORT TERM fix?

If you told me that you could afford to pay off your debt
Then gave a bunch of money, or asked someone else to give a bunch of money
And made the argument that that will somehow help you
Where does the equation balance?

Jamming, feeling the pulse and rise as the variables effect change
How does what happens today bring about the change that happens tomorrow?
It is all about the time line and that which feeds it,

Don’t eat? Starve. Exercise? Lose weight
Same short term effect, the long term effect is quite different
Feed yourself
Everything cannot be simplified as such, but things can always be made easier to understand

$1.2 trillion in ‘across the board’ spending cuts are ready to hit if the supercommittee doesn’t meet the Nov 23rd deadline
As much as $454 Billion in dense cuts
If the $3 trillion (over 10 years) cuts are initiated, what will be there effect in the first four years?
If you want to save $10,000, how much you have saved in the first year is a good indicator of your progress.

We might be a little busy with the project to build high speed rail from San Francisco to LA
Cost of $34 billion (and future $43 million) billion, amended to $98.5 billion (Cost of Golden Gate Bridge is $1.6 billion in today’s dollars, $1.2 billion in 2003 dollars)
Projected cost of a THREE HOUR ONE WAY ticket? $81. How many will take it every day? Hopefully enough to pay for it…vs the $139 ONE HOUR ROUND TRIP airfare.
PS, this is for 2033 (About when the SC savings would start kicking in?)

The report shows the estimated cost at $98.5 billion if the route between San Francisco and Anaheim is completed in 2033. The plan assumes private investment will account for roughly 20 percent of the total cost, with much of the rest coming from additional public borrowing.”